I provide high quality web designs that create value, increase sales, and comply with Google's mobile and search engine requirements. In addition to providing perfect web designs, I also provide my customers with old fashion customer service that will exceed your expectations. I stand behind this with a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days.

What Makes Me Different

While a lot of companies can create websites, my main goal is to create happy customers. If you've been burned by other web design companies, then you know how important good customer service is. You don't just want a website, you want to grow and market your business. I work closely with you at every step of the design process to help ensure that you end up with a finished product that tritely meets your needs.

Looking For Great Custom Website, CMS or Ecommerce Site?

Are you frustrated with your current website design company? Are they unresponsive, unreliable, overpriced and hard to work with? Then give me a call and see that the grass really can be greener on the other side. A lot of companies can talk a good talk, but can they back it up with action? At JPC Websites, I pride myself on providing the highest quality customer service at a great value. I have been building websites for over 15 years and I know what it takes to get the results you want. I'll get your project done on time and on budget. Don't leave your success to chance. Work with knowledgeable, experienced professionals.

What I Offer

I offer a full range of creative services to help you grow and market your business. Below are a few samples of my most popular services. If you don't see what you need, please give me a call.

Quick Overview of My Services

  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • ECommerce Websites
  • Website Security
  • Responsive and mobile friendly websites
  • Content Management
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • PHP 7, JavaScript
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Branding
  • Wordpress

At JPC Websites I believe that having a clear, easy to understand process helps the customer to better understand what's going on and in the end produces better websites. That's why over the past several years; I've created a patented 10-step process to help move your project from start to finish as smoothly and quickly as possible. While at the same time ensuring the highest level of quality.

My 10 Step Website Design Process

Step 1 - Initial Client Meeting

I talk with you in person or via video/phone conference to understand what your looking for. I give you my thoughts and suggestions, ultimately which way you decide to go is up to you.

Step 2 - Create a Writing Proposal

Based on what we talked about in our meeting, I put together a written proposal for you. I itemize all of the costs so you have control over everything. You can choose which items you want to do right away and which you want to hold off on. When you're ready to start the project, just sign and return the proposal along with a down payment. I always ask for 50% up front to begin work.

Step 3 - Wireframe Sketch

You wouldn't start building a house without first creating a blue print, and that's exactly what a wireframe sketch is. It's quick drawling of how all the various elements will layout on your website. Before I ever open up PhotoShop to create your layout, I first work with you on the wireframe to determine what will be on the page and where it is. This saves a lot of unnecessary back and forth on the design.

Step 4 - Mock-ups

Once you've approved a wireframe layout, I then open up PhotoShop and create 2-3 original design layouts for your website. This is truthfully one of the most important steps of the entire process. After all, we're not just creating a website, we're building a brand.

Step 5 - Design Selection & Revisions

At this point I go over the 2-3 designs I created and get your feedback. I then take your ideas, feedback and suggestions to make some revisions to create your final layout.

Step 6 - Website Construction

After you've approved a final design, I begin actually building the website. This part can go fairly quickly depending on what type of feature you may have on your website. Typically I rely on you to provide me any text of content for your website. If you don't like to write, or aren't sure what to say, then for an additional fee I can have one of my professional copywriters create this content for you.

Step 7 - Website Demonstration

Once I've created the initial working draft of the website, I give you a chance to take a look and send me your revisions and changes.

Step 8 - Revisions

I take care of all your feedback and revisions from step 7.

Step 9 - Final Review of Website

I give you one last chance to give me your feedback and changes.

Step 10 - Launch Website

Once your site is live I'm still here to help you out with anything that may come up. Many clients choose to have a content management system set up to allow them to make any future changes themselves.

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