Map Listings

We can help potential customers find you more easily by adding your company to the map listings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This product is included with Google Business.

Adding your company to the google map listing is a great way to help others be able to locate your company, product, or service. Have you ever used your smart phone to search for "Restaraunts Near Me", and then the map on your phone displayed a number of places to eat. By creating a map listing for your business, whenever someone searches for a local business that is in your category, you will show up on the map. Google map is the most popular map due to the high use of Android phones. Google allows you to add several different categories to your map listing which enables you to show up for several different types of searches. For example: If you were to search for "Furniture Stores" or "Electronics Stores" the same exact business may show up on the map. This is because that particular company has listed both of these categories with Google maps. This is also another area where keyword planning plays an important role in the overall SEO of your website.

Work with an experienced map listings company.

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